Roster for home opener

The Baltimore Dockers 2019 home opener is TOMORROW, June 1st! The game is at 1:00 PM at Frank C. Bocek Park in Baltimore.

The game will be against our Eastern League rivals, the Nashville Kangaroos. The image and text below show the Dockers starting lineup. Asterisks (*) in the list indicate players making their Dockers debut.

Full back: Nick Sisca
Left back pocket: Mike Gilbart
Right back pocket: Aaron Wolff
Left half-back: Mike Horney
Centre back: Patrick Pryor
Right half-back: Josh Richardson
Left wing: Jack Chalmers
Centre: Nick Tyson
Right wing: Johnny O’Connor
Left half-forward: Brian Thornton
Centre half-forward: Ian Payne
Right half-forward: Kenny Massengale*
Left forward pocket: Matthew Byrne
Right forward pocket: Zachary Gooch*
Full forward: Cameron Stewart
Ruck: Reece Garner
Rover: Jesse Galdston
Ruck-rover: Bryn Hansen
Jake Moyer
Clement Cros
Ryan Brubaker*
Zeluis Teixera
Tim Werner
Tim Schwarm

Roster for Battle of the Beltway V

The Baltimore Dockers are pleased to announce our roster for this Saturday’s game vs. our rivals and frenemies, the DC Eagles. The image and text below show our lineup. Asterisks (*) indicate players making their Dockers debut – get around them!

The Baltimore Dockers lineup vs. the DC Eagles, May 11, 2019

Full back: Scott Bradford
Left back pocket: Mike Gilbart
Right back pocket: Patrick Pryor*
Left half-back: Zeluis Teixera
Centre back: Nick Sisca
Right half-back: Aaron Wolff
Left wing: Jack Chalmers
Centre: Reece Garner
Right wing: Johnny O’Connor
Left half-forward: Brian Thornton
Centre half-forward: Ian Payne
Right half-forward: Ryan Brubaker*
Left forward pocket: Clement Cros*
Right forward pocket: Matthew Byrne
Full forward: Kit Drury
Ruck: Cameron Stewart
Rover: Jesse Galdston
Ruck-rover: Bryn Hansen
Mike Horney
Jordan Raddick
Josh Richardson
Tim Werner
Terence McAuliffe
Jake Moyer

Battle of the Beltway 2019

This Saturday, May 11th, the Dockers take on their biggest rivals – the DC Eagles – in the first game of the 2019 Battle of the Beltway series!

The mens’ teams for the two clubs compete for the annual Denis Ryan Cup, named after the founder and longtime president of the joint Baltimore-Washington club that started it all. Last year, each team won two games each, but the Dockers captured the Cup on points difference, outscoring the Eagles 171 to 131. The Dockers are eager to hold on to the Cup for another year. The Dockers’ starting lineups will be announced this Friday!

The men’s game will begin this Saturday at 11 AM at Anacostia Park in Washington, DC. The women’s game will follow immediately after at 1 PM.

Come join us for two exciting matches of Australian Rules football!

Men’s Game

Saturday, May 11th at 11:00 AM

DC Eagles

Baltimore Dockers

Women’s game

Saturday May 11th at 1:00 PM

DC Eagles Women

Baltimore Dockers Women

Location of both matches

Club Social Update: The Fort Avenue Nine

Australians love a bad idea, and one of the worst is the Nullarbor Nine, a golf course that stretches hundreds of miles across the barren Nullarbor Plain in South and Western Australia. But with no deserts in sight, the Baltimore Dockers social members and players joined for an equally bad idea: The Fort Avenue Nine.

Our April social event, the first annual Dockers Pub Golf Tournament, saw social members and players tee off at nine different holes (pubs) along Fort Avenue, beginning at City Limits Sports Bar and ending at our sponsor bar, Nobles Bar and Grill. Each hole offered three special drinks to score even or under par. Clear skies and a light breeze on a beautiful Saturday meant participants had every opportunity to test their capacity and courage on a difficult course.

The event was so much fun that several players lost their scorecards, so uh, we have no idea who won. That being said, it’s safe to say that anyone who made it to Nobles still vertical is indeed a champion!

Special shout out to everyone who dressed up in golf attire for the day. The clear winner for best costume was Dockers Midfielder Jack Chalmers (pictured below), who rocked a green-and-yellow checkered golf vest. The event was a success and everyone had a great time.

Jason Curtis (left) and Jack Chalmers (right)

Thanks to all the bars (City Limits, Wiley’s, Shotti’s, Captain Larry’s, Don’t Know Tavern, Delia Foleys, Banditos, Magerks, and Nobles) for putting up with our shenanigans, and for giving us drink specials; it only made the day that much more enjoyable.

Social members are the lifeblood of any sports club, so big thanks to them and to everyone who came out to Pub Golf! To be the first to know about future Baltimore Dockers social events, become a social member! And if you’d like to try your hand (and foot!) at the crazy sport of Australian Rules Football, join us at practice every Saturday morning, or come to our first home game on June 1st. No experience necessary, everyone is welcome!

Cam Stewart, Dockers 2019 co-Social Chair