Eastern Regional Championship roster announced!

The Dockers set sail for the USAFL Eastern Regional Championships! The men’s team plays three games tomorrow, one each against Philadelphia, New York, and Columbus.

The Dockers roster is as follows – asterisks (*) indicate players playing their first game for the Dockers!

Dockers starting lineup for 2019 USAFL Eastern Regional Championship

Full back: Isley Autrey
Left back pocket: Mike Gilbart
Right back pocket: Aaron Wolff
Left half-back: Patrick Pryor
Centre back: Nick Sisca
Right half-back: Tom Waters
Left wing: Jack Chalmers
Centre: Nick Tyson
Right wing: Johnny O’Connor
Left half-forward: Brian Thornton
Centre half-forward: Ian Payne
Right half-forward: Mike Horney
Left forward pocket: Kenny Massengale
Right forward pocket: Mitch Clark
Full forward: Matthew Byrne
Ruck: Reece Garner
Rover: Jesse Galdston
Ruck-rover: Bryn Hansen
Jake Moyer
Terence McAuliffe
Jordan Raddick
Zeluis Teixera
Brian Skaggs
Zachary Gooch