Bohdown 2: Bohgans 100 Big Ballers 42

Congratulations to the Baltimore Bohgans on winning the second and final Baltimore Metro League game of the 2021 season, evening the all-time series at one win apiece!

Final score

Bohgans 15.10.100

Bohgans 6.10.46

Goal scorers


Valon Kafexholli5
Tom Waters3
Jack Chalmers2
Cameron Stewart2
Sam Bingaman1
Mark Salansky1
Tim Werner1

Big Ballers

Jake Moyer2
Isley Autrey1
Jay Brantner1
John O’Connor1
Aaron Wolff1

Game awards

Best on Ground: Valon Kafexholli and Cameron Stewart (Bohgans)

Ironman: Aaron Wolff (Big Ballers)

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