Dockers fall, but celebrate a champion

Congratulations to Original Docker, star defender, and Club Football Manager Nick Sisca on playing his 50th game for the Dockers!

Poster celebrating #21 Nick Sisca on his 50th game with the Dockers
Official Dockers poster celebrating Nick Sisca’s 50th game

Nick is the first Baltimore Dockers player to reach the 50-game milestone. More milestone players will soon follow!

Nick played his 50th game last Saturday at Lower Perkiomen Valley Park just outside Philadelphia, in the first game of a doubleheader against the New York Magpies. The Dockers held the Magpies goalless in the first half, but not the second, as the Magpies went on to win by a score of 38-11.

New York Magpies logo

New York Magpies

Baltimore Dockers

In the second game, Nick Sisca’s 51st, the Dockers kicked more efficiently, but fell to the hometown Philadelphia Hawks, 60-21.

Philadelphia Hawks

Baltimore Dockers

Last weekend’s doubleheader marked the end of the USAFL regular season for the Dockers, who finish with a record of three wins and eight losses. Our next matches will be played as part of the USAFL National Championships in Austin, Texas the weekend of October 15-17, 2021.

Three cheers for a true Dockers champion, Nick Sisca!

Dockers players hold a banner celebrating Nick Sisca's 50th game

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