The 2021 Dockers

The Baltimore Dockers are playing their third season as an independent club in the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) after 20 years as a part of the Baltimore-Washington Eagles. In 2018, the Dockers won the USAFL Division 4 national championship.

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Dockers 2021 Roster

1Nick Tyson
5Jesse Galdston
7Johnny O’Connor
8Tom Waters
9Patrick Pryor
10Kit Drury
14Roxy Alei
15Bryn Hansen
19Jack Chalmers
20Brian Thornton
21Nick Sisca
23Jordan Raddick
25Tim Schwarm
26Scott Bradford
28Ryan Brubaker
29Aaron Wolff
34Terence McAuliffe
35Zeluis Teixeira
36Jake Moyer
37Gregory Bretiere
43Brian Skaggs
44Josh Hildebrandt
45Tracy Williams, Jr.
52Kenny Massengale
64Matthew Byrne
83Michael Gilbart
86Josh Richardson

Dockers alumni

Once a Docker, always a Docker!

1Travis Flight
3Kristin Poti
5Dan Zimmerman
6Paul LaShier
11Ian Payne
12Will Lothian
14Peter Gormley
17Andrew Pike
22Neale Williams
23Ben Crenca
27Alex Mims Pike
28Brent Bates
66Jorbie Clark