Roster for home opener

The Baltimore Dockers 2019 home opener is TOMORROW, June 1st! The game is at 1:00 PM at Frank C. Bocek Park in Baltimore.

The game will be against our Eastern League rivals, the Nashville Kangaroos. The image and text below show the Dockers starting lineup. Asterisks (*) in the list indicate players making their Dockers debut.

Full back: Nick Sisca
Left back pocket: Mike Gilbart
Right back pocket: Aaron Wolff
Left half-back: Mike Horney
Centre back: Patrick Pryor
Right half-back: Josh Richardson
Left wing: Jack Chalmers
Centre: Nick Tyson
Right wing: Johnny O’Connor
Left half-forward: Brian Thornton
Centre half-forward: Ian Payne
Right half-forward: Kenny Massengale*
Left forward pocket: Matthew Byrne
Right forward pocket: Zachary Gooch*
Full forward: Cameron Stewart
Ruck: Reece Garner
Rover: Jesse Galdston
Ruck-rover: Bryn Hansen
Jake Moyer
Clement Cros
Ryan Brubaker*
Zeluis Teixera
Tim Werner
Tim Schwarm